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Work styles that match individual needs and preferences

Flextime system

Employees can choose to split their working hours within a day (e.g., morning: medical appointment, afternoon: work). This system makes it possible for employees to work full time without shortening their total hours, even while raising children, etc.
*Available from probationary period.

work style

We offer a more flexible approach to work, with employees generally having the option to work from home.
Of course, if you prefer to work in the office, this is also possible.

Extensive childcare
support systems

Employees may work shortened hours until their children enter elementary school, and may also work from home as needed.

Support for babysitting
service users

This system allows employees to use babysitter discount coupons that provide a discount of 2,200 yen per day when using babysitter services in order to work.

Creating an engaged and fulfilling workplace

Initiatives to reduce
long working hours

As a general rule, en world prohibits overtime work after 22:00. In addition, managers oversee their employees’ workloads to prevent long working hours and strive to reduce overtime work.

Encouraging use of
paid leave

en world has a culture where taking paid leave days is stress-free, and we encourage our employees to take five consecutive days off during the summer vacation period. Our human resources department monitors the rate at which each department uses their annual paid leave and encourages all employees to use their allotted leave.

training for
new graduatesand
mid-career hires

Both new graduates and mid-career hires are provided with onboarding training after joining en world. This training is designed to provide new employees with an in-depth understanding of en world’s mission and business operations, enabling them to start their work smoothly after joining the company.

A first name basis,
regardless of position

At en world, we have a friendly workplace culture in which we address each other by our first names, regardless of nationality.

Casual Friday

We have designated every Friday “Casual Friday”, where employees are free to dress in more comfortable working attire.

Team Lunch/Dinner

The company provides a set monthly allowance for entertainment expenses in order to promote communication between our respective departments.

Promoting health
and wellness

Consultation with industrial physician/public health nurse

In addition to consultation regarding mental and physical health, employees are welcome to stop by and discuss any concerns they may have about the results of their health checkups on a casual basis.

Health checkups

We provide regular health checkups for all employees.

Stress checkups

We provide an annual stress checkup for all employees with the aim of identifying and preventing mental health issues. We check the mental burden of employees while ensuring full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and provide follow-up support where necessary, such as offering consultation by an industrial physician.

EWJ Health and
Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee meets regularly once a month. The company invites an industrial physician to discuss investigations, deliberations, and proposals to management related to health and safety.

Work environment

Remote working

Utilizing the latest ICT tools

Employees are loaned smartphones and PCs equipped with webcams so that they can access the company network from home. Our team is connected at all times via smartphone, email and Teams.

online operations

We are promoting the digitalization of internal approval processes, as well as utilizing online tools for meetings, business discussions, hiring interviews, etc.

Work style in the office

Hot desking system

Employees can choose which part of the office they would like to sit each day on arrival.

Personal locker system

As the office operates on a hot desking system, all employees are provided with a personal locker to store their belongings.


A Workplace Where You Can Have a Work-life Balance

Senior Consultant Kyoko Kubota

Recruitment as “Mixed Martial Arts” In this Job,
One Can Make Use of Everything,
Such as Past Work Experience and Resourcefulness!

Team Manager Yu Takada