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en world offers a diverse range of career paths.

(1) Our sales divisions firstly have a vertical career track. As you advance from Associate Consultant to Consultant and Senior Consultant ranks, your role and responsibilities in each position will broaden. After reaching the rank of Senior Consultant, you have the option of aiming for an expert role as a Principal Consultant or a managerial role as a Team Manager. Team Managers are responsible for managing a team that specializes in a particular industry or job category and are also responsible for training, developing, and evaluating their team members (approximately 4 to 7 employees). If promoted from Team Manager to Senior Team Manager/Associate Director, you will be responsible for one or two departments in the aforementioned industry and job category, and will manage around 20 people.



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Team Manager


Senior Consultant


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Candidate Coordinator

Our career support programs

As part of our career support system, we conduct performance evaluations every six months. In addition to reviewing your accomplishments over the past half year, this is also an opportunity for you to discuss your future career with your team manager. You can also discuss the gap between your current experience and skills and the career you aspire to achieve with your manager and agree on specific initiatives to develop your skills over the next six months. If your career aspirations require you to participate in external training programs to obtain the necessary experience and skills for the future, you may apply for company support to take external training.

Language learning programs

We offer language competency programs aimed at improving employees’ Japanese and English language skills.Two main courses are available. The first is a speaking competency course, which is assessed via a practical test. By taking the test multiple times, participants can identify the level of speaking ability they require to be successful in their work, in addition to reading and writing skills. The second course is a short-term, intensive study program designed to improve language skills. This course is offered on a regular basis, and held when a certain number of applications are received.


A Workplace Where You Can Have a Work-life Balance

Senior Consultant Kyoko Kubota

Recruitment as “Mixed Martial Arts” In this Job,
One Can Make Use of Everything,
Such as Past Work Experience and Resourcefulness!

Team Manager Yu Takada