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en world’s Training Programs

In-house Training Programs

We offer onboarding, Linkedin learning, manager training, leadership training, and a variety of other job-related training programs throughout the year.
These training programs are designed by our Learning & Development Team to meet the needs of each position and business, and feature a wealth of practical training that can be applied in real-world situations.
en world also has a keen learning culture, including providing opportunities for employees to learn from each other, as well as a focus on training within teams.

External Training Programs

We support our employees in obtaining knowledge and abilities that cannot be obtained within the company through external training programs.
We proactively support our employees’ self-development from a long-term perspective, including helping them acquire the skills and language capabilities that are essential to succeed in their careers.

Career and Development

Career Support

Our new graduates begin their careers as candidate coordinators. After joining, en world employees first receive training in the fundamentals of working as a professional, followed by job-specific training to prepare them for a career in the recruiting industry. After this, new employees are assigned primarily to the candidate (job seeker) side, where they acquire industry knowledge and learn how to provide consultation in accordance with our mission of “enabling success” by securing new candidate registrations and assisting job seekers (new candidate interviews, follow-up interviews, etc.). We welcome applicants who possess a proactive learning attitude and a desire to become a fully-fledged consultant 12 months after joining the company!

Support for Skill Development

We have our own tools to support business operations based on a concept known as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). These tools are built on our unique insights to provide on-the-job training in the key skills needed to achieve results in the human resources industry, such as job seeker management, company/job opening management, process management, and other areas.


A Workplace Where You Can Have a Work-life Balance

Senior Consultant Kyoko Kubota

Recruitment as “Mixed Martial Arts” In this Job,
One Can Make Use of Everything,
Such as Past Work Experience and Resourcefulness!

Team Manager Yu Takada