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Nozomi Miyata

Since 2021, I have been a recruiter for Japanese IT companies, focusing on startups, multinational non-IT businesses, and IT vendors that provide development and manufacturing services. Alongside my recruiting duties, I also actively work on building internal systems and providing follow-up support for new team members.

*Information accurate as of November 2023.

Previous jobs
I first joined a real estate company as a new graduate and worked in supporting tenants and owners and handling complaints. I then worked in the sales promotion industry but quit after three months due to issues with the work environment and tasks. Wanting to leverage this experience and support job seekers, I joined a recruitment startup specializing in IT. I gained experience in sales, web marketing, and department management.

First year at en world

Senior Consultant, Japanese Corporations Department

I worked as a general consultant for job seekers and companies. I produced results by working closely with my team in previously ignored areas.

Second year at en world through today

From Principal Consultant to Manager, Japanese Corporations Department

I manage my team, which focuses on systems integration consulting and Internet companies.
I pursue my work with the aim of assisting people in companies that could drive digital innovation and economic development in Japan. I also hope to create a team with value in the recruitment industry by leveraging our individual strengths.