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Kyoko Kubota

I joined en world from a different profession in 2019. I am a recruiting consultant in the Life Sciences division, utilizing my previous experience to recruit for the medical industry. I went on maternity/childcare leave for about eight months, starting August 2022, before taking my current post. I balance childcare and work while motivating my team as a senior consultant.

※The information is current as of November, 2023.

Previous jobs

Occupational Therapist

I worked as an occupational therapist, rehabilitating patients at a general hospital and in-home nursing station, from the time I graduated until I joined en world.

First three years with en world

Associate Consultant, Life Sciences Division

Having no experience working in the company, I received various support in taking on all the new challenges.

Third and fourth years with en world

Consultant, Life Sciences Division

I experienced growth as I gradually became accustomed to consulting work and was able to manage a series of recruitment processes by myself.

Up to the present

Senior Consultant, Life Sciences Division

With a new outlook, I am working hard as a senior consultant to motivate my team while balancing work and childcare.

※I took maternity leave from August 2022 to April 2023