What is the office environment like?

Apart from our Osaka and Nagoya branches, the majority of our employees work in the same office at our Tokyo headquarters. There is frequent communication between teams, and the office environment is flat.

How often do you use English/Japanese?

This depends on the team you are in, but there will be communication in both Japanese and English. Email correspondences are often sent in both languages. However, even if you are not confident in either language, you can always use the company benefit system to take lessons and improve your skills!

What is expected of a consultant?

As a consultant, you will be expected to build and maintain good relationships with clients and candidates. Logical thinking, flexibility, good communication and teamwork are some of the required skillsets to become a successful consultant.

What is a day like for a consultant?

Some of your daily tasks would be sourcing candidates, inputting information into the database, meeting candidates, sharing candidate information in team meetings. You will also be discussing your work progress and setting goals with your team manager.

I have no experience in recruiting. What is the position I am start in?

You will start off as an Associate Consultant where you will learn the basics of candidate sourcing and how to communicate as a Consultant. Your goal is to prepare to become a Consultant after 1 year of working as an Associate Consultant

What is the career path like?

You will begin your career in sales as an Associate Consultant, focusing on corresponding with candidates.
Once you are well-prepared, you will step up to become a Consultant where you manage both clients and candidates.
Depending on your performance, your next step is to become a Senior Consultant, and then Team Manager or Principal Consultant.
There are also opportunities for you to move to other functions or even to our overseas offices and we have past examples of successful transfers.

Do you accept new graduates to your positions?

We do accept new graduates, but we do not differentiate new graduate hiring from mid-career hiring.

Could I apply from outside of Japan?

Definitely, we currently have employees coming from 26 different countries, and a number of successful applicants who were based abroad.

What kind of career support/certification support can I expect?

We have a benefit program for language learning, self development, as well as professional development. Please check the benefits” page for more details.

Are employees allowed to have multiple jobs or do external business activities?

Generally we do not allow our employees to engage in multiple jobs. However, there may be exceptions if the activity does not interefere with your main work.

What is the application process like?

There will be 3 interviews during the process (additional interviews may be required in some cases). We also ask our candidates to take an online aptitude test, and nominate 1 person for your reference check prior to offer.

Are you looking for candidates in positions other than sales?

We post jobs for back office positions when we have vacancies. Please check the Jobs page for current open positions.

Where can I find general information about en world?

Please visit our corporate website.


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