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Internal live program “enPerform”


The rainy season this year has finally ended, and the hot summer has begun in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Meanwhile, as en world Japan continues with teleworking, employees have also started their own internal live program – enPerform that is broadcasted on a regular basis to maintain the connection among employees.  

The program puts a spotlight on employees who have made remarkable achievements, where they are asked to share secrets to their success over an interview. These employees were very upfront and openly shared their tips towards success, such as effective time & KPI management, which contributed to the popularity of this program within the organization. 

This time, we would like to feature one of our Senior Sales Manager, Yuki Amemiya whose interview was broadcasted recently. 

A screen capture of the episode featuring Yuki and the host. : 

Yuki was the sales manager for the top performing team in the FY2019. During this interview, he was asked about how he plans his daily schedule towards building this success and he grudgingly  shared valuable tips with everyone. At the same time, he shared his ideas about what en world’s mission of enabling success means to him.  

Enabling success is the total commitment towards ensuring that candidates who have found new jobs using our service would be able to contribute towards the company’s business and be fulfilled by their work. Yuki shared that the enabling success mission creates a channel for our customers – companies and candidates, and for our recruitment consultants to grow together and succeed. By realizing this mission, there is meaning in working at en world, and by acting towards realizing this mission, one starts to understand their purpose of working. 

 It was a friendly interview from start to end and our employees were able to receive many beneficial tips and advice.  

We will be sharing more of such stories about the happenings within en world Japan in the future, so please continue to check out our blog! 



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