Meet our Employees



Yuki Kaneshiro

Joined en world Japan
Learning & Development
What made you decide to join en world?
After graduating from school overseas, my elder sister who was working at a recruitment agency recommended me to en world. I applied to other agencies but en world was by far the most responsive, and everyone I met during the interview process was so nice.
I started off as an associate consultant (candidate coordinator back then) and then moved to the Learning & Development team after 3 years.
Please explain your daily scope of work.
I conduct induction trainings at the beginning of each month. For all other days, I conduct other minor trainings targeted at different roles, hold discussions for training requests, and create monthly newsletters.
Sometimes I exchange ideas with my team for new training programs, get advice and improve the contents until we are ready to launch.
What are some of the positive points about working at en world?
During the interview process, I was told that there are many quirky people at en world, but no one is bad.
Later I realized how true this statement was after meeting so many people in the company who were quirky but extremely nice.
What does en world mean to you?
en world is my foundation, a place that changed my mindset to what it is now.
I am currently in a position where I can to help people grow, but en world is a place that helped me grow.
One of the reasons I joined the Learning & Development team, is so that I could give back to the company by supporting others in their development here.