Meet our Employees

Recruitment as “Mixed Martial Arts” In this Job, One Can Make Use of Everything,
Such as Past Work Experience and Resourcefulness!

Please tell us about
your current work.
I am currently recruiting and providing job transfer support with a focus on sales and marketing positions in the retail and consumable goods sector. The fields of financial services, such as credit cards and FMCG (consumer goods and food manufacturers) are particularly in my line.
As a manager, I support the members of my team, create a mechanism to revitalize information exchanges among the team members, run meetings, plan and develop business, take the rostrum in the webinars, and conduct recruiting activities. I also actively participate in the company-wide CX improvement project.
Please tell us what served as the trigger to join en world.
I worked for an alcoholic beverage manufacturer as a new graduate in international sales for eight years. At that time, because there was no person around me who worked with passion, I could find no one who would serve as a role model for me. So, I developed a hazy feeling of confusion. On that occasion, I started to study for an MBA at GLOBIS for the purpose of personal growth. I was most interested in the management resources of people, goods, and money, especially people. Because I personally saw my company’s cheerlessness, I had a dream of wanting to change work into something exciting, which was the trigger to wanting to work with people. I heard stories from several recruiting companies, such as classified advertising companies and recruiting firms, and among such companies, en world was the one where I felt that I could grow.
What aspects of the company would allow you to grow?
For example, the sales position in a classified advertising company that I compared and considered was the sale of ad spots, which are intangible products, but from the perspective of selling something that already exists, I felt it was the same as my previous work. Regarding tangible product sales, if the products are good, products sell well without having sales capabilities. However, in the case of intangible product sales or particularly the recruiting business, you are the commercial product. If you are not attractive, no one will listen to you, place trust in you, nor entrust a job to you. Where do you compete? How do you compete? You can freely choose and develop your business skills, and that is the recruiting business. I felt strongly that I wanted to try working in such an environment and grow as a businessperson.
Do you find your job rewarding?
Recruitment is a job that has traditional and analog aspects but the value of intervention as a consultant is very appealing to me. If the requirements of the hiring company are clear, and there are people who would like to work in that position, I think matching via AI would be fine. On the other hand, I define human resource issues based on the company’s business challenges, create job descriptions with the company, and determine the unprecedented human resources truly necessary for the company’s growth. I also solve the concerns of those looking to change jobs, design their careers, and thoroughly shape an outline of their jobs. Matching after all these processes is the value of intervention as a consultant, which is the most rewarding part. A consultant’s job has a wide range of fields to engage in and the possibilities are infinite for being able to cast your ideas into the desired shape.
Weren’t you worried about transferring from a different industry?
I had some fear because this was an industry that I had never experienced before, and my salary would be dependent on incentives. When I honestly said that I was worried about whether or not I could do the job in an interview on treatment and conditions, my current superior gave me support and encouragement by saying, “You will be fine.” It did not mean to overcome my concern with my vitality but if I was motivated, then I would not need to worry because my superior, team, and company would provide the appropriate support. As to what my superior said, I could get used to my job without much trouble after joining the company.
Currently, the company offers extensive training through an e-learning system from the L&D (human resource development department). The learning platform and support system for inexperienced people have been in place compared to when I joined the company; therefore, I think you do not need to worry about that aspect.
How do you spend your time after work or on holidays?
Every weekend, I play tennis during the day and at night. I have been doing this since I was a high school student; currently, I practice at a school and engage in group activities. In addition, I like board games, and I had created some but now, I solely play such games. On the weekdays, I finish work at around 7:00 p.m. and ride an exercise bike in the dark at FEELCYCLE. I do this just because I am vulnerable to weight gain, and I am not a go-getter! (Laughter)
What is the appeal of en world?
The appeal is the discretionary power and responsibility that is well balanced. You can be in charge of the fields that you are interested in, such as the industry and company. Work from home and a fully flexible working hour system have been introduced, so the degree of freedom of where and when to work is very high. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility but for those who can manage themselves well and be committed to the results, an ideal environment is now in place.
What kinds of people would you like to work with in future?
The first point is to work with those who have a great deal of curiosity. I think if you do not have curiosity, it would be difficult to communicate with those looking to change jobs who come from a wide variety of industries and diverse backgrounds and to become successful. I think those who can enjoy learning and knowing about the world and forms of business through work and study are suitable as consultants.
The second point is to work with those who have high motivation for growth. As just described, you are the commercial product in a consultant’s job. I would like to work with those who would like to try their strength, who are not fully exercising their skills in their current workplaces, or who aim high and want to take on a challenge.
※The above information is current as of June 2021.